Most people look at an asphalt roof shingle and see, well, an asphalt roof shingle. Not us. We see much more. Especially when we’re talking about StormMaster shingles from Atlas.

Atlas has been a part of recent innovations in asphalt shingles. They have focused on the use of polymers to enhance four key qualities of asphalt shingles that improve durability and protection of your home. They call these four qualities, Core 4, and they are found in their StormMaster line of shingles. Here’s a quick look at each and how they can benefit your home.

  1. PolyCore makes Atlas shingles stronger and longer-lasting. Atlas uses virgin polymers, not recycled polymers, to protect and extend the life of your roof and to perform much better than standard asphalt shingles.
  2. FlexCore improves the elasticity of Atlas shingles – that makes them flex when other shingles would tear. FlexCore shingles exceed the industry’s standard tear strength requirement by 50 percent. Plus, they also lay flatter during installation which means they provide a better seal from the elements.
  3. Atlas shingles with WeatherCore come with the highest wind warranty in the industry. When used with our FASTAC sealant, we can create a thermally bonded roofing system.
  4. Finally, their ThermalCore technology protects your roof from the extremes of temperature that all roofs are exposed to. This leads to better granule adhesion. Premature granule loss can lead to accelerated roof deterioration. StormMaster shingles with ThermalCore prevent this premature loss.

Alongside their Core 4 technology, Atlas StormMaster shingles also come with a Class 4 hail resistance rating, a limited wind warranty up to 150 mph, and Scotchgard to prevent unsightly staining.

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