A number of leaks lead the owner of this single story home in Troy to give OGW Roofing a call.  The home was built in 1920 and has about 1264 square feel  The roof had developed leaks in a number of locations, so we recommended complete replacement with a 35 year limited warranty.  We removed two layers of asphalt shingles and a single layer of wood shake shingles.  We installed oriented strand board (OSB) sheeting along with Atlas’s Castlebrook architectural shingles in a color called Heatherblend.

Tipp City Roof Replacement roof replacement no more leaks

Our experienced roofing are driven by OGW core values of quality, safety, and integrity.  We provide home and business owners the service that our competition, if there is any, fails to serve.  From start to finish your roofing experience is guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

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